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Carlos is a very intuitive thinker. He cuts to the heart of the matter immediately, asks intelligent questions, and is collaborative. He created the platform for Popeyes Chicken and came up with very original and smart work for Radio Shack. He is a true professional with tons of experience and a good eye for work that always feels fresh. He also wrote a script, that although we didn't produce, made me laugh harder than anything else I have seen since.

— rafael serrano
 GROUP Creative Director,gsd&m

"Carlos is a very rare breed of creative. I worked with him at Razorfish and got to see him in action first-hand. Art director and writer. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Conceptual big thinker and detail-oriented. Multi-cultural and multi-talented. Experienced in traditional and digital. Tech savvy without losing sight of a big idea just for the sake of technology. Not to mention just generally a nice guy and a fun creative collaborator. Which is rare indeed. He comes across humble and quiet. But as they say, still waters run deep. Big brain, small ego, huge talent. Highly recommend."

— Brandy Gill
 associate Creative Director, razorfish


"Carlos is the mastermind behind the Helmet spot for RadioShack. I had the opportunity to work with him in that project and I was very impressed with his ideas. Do you need a writer? I recommend Carlos. Do you need an art director? Carlos is the man. You don't get that very often. Hire him!"

— Pachi Tamer
 associate creative director, gsd&m


"As art director, Carlos is conceptual, strategic and intelligent. Bilingual in English and Spanish, he is able to cross between multi-cultural platforms with ease and precision. He is a creative problem-solver, detail-oriented, humble and professional. His quiet demeanor holds a wealth of talent. And he's got a book to prove it! I highly recommend Carlos!"

creative director, SCOPPECHIO


"When you're looking to create outstanding advertising, you want to work with people who not only have a trusted experience in the business, but who are also smart, insightful and strategic. Hard to find, but that's what I get every time I work with Carlos.
Working with him is always a pleasure because beyond his quiet thinking lies a creative mind that understands trends, culture and people. His comprehension for what drives consumers to embrace brands is one of a kind and helps you get exceptional and engaging ideas. I've worked with him as a creative partner many times and will continue to do so given the chance to do it.
I highly recommend Carlos Riveroll as an exceptional associate creative director, because his work is not only a guarantee of delightful art direction but also very clever copywriting, both in English and Spanish.
If you are looking for a brilliant creative who is familiar with the general and the mutlicultural markets, you'll find in Carlos a great asset to add to your team."

— Samantha Jiménez


"I had the privilege of working with Carlos on some wonderfully, challenging cross-cultural TV commercials. As an Art Director he was a bundle of creativity. He brought to each job visual integrity and valuable insight into how to visually insure the culture was authentic and included. Carlos was an important participant in these productions and brought great value to the client and success to the agency and production company."

— Paula Merril Belak
Owner, Paula Merril Productions LLC


"I worked with Carlos at Riester for several years. Together, we produced some tv and web content that I consider some of the best and most meaningful of my career. In addition to being the Art Director on the projects, Carlos also brought new vendor partners in - talented production partners from Mexico who teamed with US companies for a successful collaboration. His quiet but confident leadership shows in the content we produced."

— Linda Heart
 Executive Producer, riester


"I worked with Carlos Riveroll for two and a half years as his Copywriter partner at Olabuenaga Chemistri. 
I’m more than certain that Carlos has the necessary experience and talent to develop consistently successful strategies and concepts for advertising campaigns in all media. Such experience and talent, also enable him to coordinate, supervise and drive creative teams with ease. 
In addition, he always seeks to come up with the best ideas possible and never settles on obvious or unintelligent solutions. His knowledge of the industry, common sense, and creativity, are his best assets as an Art Director"

— Oscar Callejas
Video Lab Director, Grupo Imagen


"Carlos made a beautiful logo for my company. He was very patient with my demands and explained the logic behind his decisions very carefully. He is one of the most creative minds I have had the privilege to work with."

— Roberto G. Calvillo
Sr. Digital Analyst, McKinsey & Co.


"Carlos has a great eye and is able to generate quality creative ideas for both English and Spanish speakers. He's easy to work with and collaborates well with others."

— Ben Dverin
Associate creative director, riester